This sandbox is a place for hands-on experimenting and learning to use the Software Development Kit for creation MyData architecture framework compliant services. Currently the SDK feature set covers one of the framework's use cases, authorising 3rd party data re-use based on user's dynamic consent.

The sandbox allows interactive testing of the SDK functions - modifying or creating a MyData compatible service, registering it, and testing this service against a MyData operator back-end through API calls. UI mock-ups illustrate how providing consent can look and feel like for users who handle consents and privacy settings with a dashboard app provided by a MyData operator.

Develop, register, and test a service, host a MyData operator, or view an interactive demo

Pick your role, the sandbox guides you to your goal.

Preparing a Service

A service needs a few new APIs and descriptions in order to be compliant with MyData framework and to work together with the test operator this SDK provides. The materials below describe everyting relevant to service developers, but have your data and privacy policies prepared - you'll need them!


Run a Privacy Dashboard

If you need to run your own rough MyData Operator for testing or need a baseline for making a commercial product, the SDK has open source code and developer resources to help you get up and running in no time.


View SDK in Action

Check out our working consent management sample that shows how the message flows defined in the framework specifications work 'over-the-wire' for 3rd party re-use case. This helps with understanding the detailed process and troubleshooting your own MyData service during development.


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